Tea Pots

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When I first came to Belfast Bible College I realized tea time was important.  They had it twice a day, 11am and 3pm.  I didn’t like black tea, but I always got a cup to fit in and keep my hands warm.  At first I drank a sip or two, but with time I drank almost the whole cup!  I have learned tea pots are “essential” for life.  I didn’t have one until a friend realized how “depraved” I was and instantly purchased a tea pot for me.  Now I too can fit in with the tea-drinking culture.  Tea pots were even used in a sermon at church two weeks ago.  The illustration was brilliant, so I am going to share it with you. 

“Our ultimate purpose in life is to live as dearly loved children.  God doesn’t need you.  He wants you.  So, why are we still on earth?  Well, God wants to use us.  We are like a tea pot.  God pours into us, not that we may just keep it all to ourselves, but so that we can overflow with God’s love to others.   This is the natural flow of God teaching us.  Hot water is poured into a tea pot, the tea is steeped, and then the tea is poured out the spout.  If the water stays in the pot for a long time it gets cold and stagnant.  We are not meant to just go each day minding our own to-do list and getting laundry done.  We were meant to pour into other’s God’s abundant grace and love.” 

There is a song “Fill me up, so I can be poured out.”  Allow God to fill you up by spending time with Him through Bible reading and prayer.  Then, the natural outflow will be to pour out your blessings to others.  Send a verse through a text encouraging a friend, mail an old-fashioned letter to someone sick, engage in a convo with someone about what God is doing in your life today.  May we all be tea pots. 


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4 Responses to “Tea Pots”

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Love the tea pots Lindsey!!! And love the illustration. I printed it all off and will file it with my specials. Love, Grma B.

enjoyed reading your post about teapots. I am quite the tea drinker.

I love the devotional thoughts you share. I especially enjoyed Diapers and Dependence!

One further thought…I have heard it said that Christians are like tea bags…they don’t have much to offer until they have been through a little hot water! (I guess it is through the hard times that we grow).

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