Praying with a Pattern

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I have always liked having a “pattern to pray.”  A pattern gives structure to something that could normally move as much as red giggly jello.  In high school English class, we would always have to make an outline before writing an essay.  The outline gave guidance on what direction to move towards and how to get there.  A couple weeks ago Reverend Norman Cameron, from High Kirk Presbyterian Church, gave these points on praying from the book of Daniel.  I thought the prayer pattern at the bottom was excellent.  Since I write down a lot of my prayers (Writing prayers helps with a wondering mind!), I have included a few examples of my personal prayers from the specific points in the pattern. 

  1. Daniel 9:2 Pray the Bible  –   Daniel used Scripture to pray. (Dan. 9:13)
  2. Daniel 9:3 Take it seriously   –  Show God you really care by fasting.  Be consistent in praying for specific people and things.  
  3. Daniel 9:4 Have a Prayer Pattern
  • Invocation – start your prayer with praising God, lifting up His name, telling Him who He is Dan. 9:4,7,9,15
  • Confession- confess your sins to God.  Dan. 9:5, 6, 8, 9, 10,11, 12
  • Petition – pray specifically for the people around you and your needs (This was the shortest part of Daniels prayer. Dan 9:16-19. 


  • God, help me to witness to my friend who is not a Christian. Help her realize her life will only lead to destruction.”The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” (Romans 6:23; praying through the Bible) 
  • Invocation – You are such a wonderful God.  You laid the foundations of the earth and made it’s measurements. You are worthy of praise! (Job 38; I love praising God from Job 38-39.  Look at these chapters to see what God has done.)
  • Confession – God please forgive me for the anger I had built up in my heart towards this person.    
  • Petition – Please Lord give me direction and peace about this situation I am facing.  



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