Happy Mother’s Day in the UK

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Happy Mother’s Day Weekend!

            The first time I was in the United Kingdom over Mother’s day I was absolutely horrified to find out that I had forgotten to send my mom a card or gift.  When I called home, I was relieved to discover the States celebrates Mother’s Day 2 months after the UK.  Many people around the world celebrate mothers’ precious love and hard work by having a day to celebrate moms.  The names vary, yet the appreciation is the same: Mother’s Day, Muttertage, La Festa della Mamma, Mothering Sunday, Fête des Mères, Día de las Madres. 

            The concept of Mother’s receiving flowers and gifts originated in seventeenth century England.  The English celebrated “Mothering Sunday” on the fourth Sunday in Lent, by receiving special visits from their older children who went away to learn a trade or work for a living.  The mothers would also receive picked wild flowers and sweet treats.  All of the rules of lent would be thrown out for the special feast in honor of the mother of the household.  Mother’s day in the States became official in 1914 when President Woodrow Wilson signed a joint resolution of Congress to observe Mother’s Day.   

            Now that we know where Mother’s Day came from, what are you going to do to celebrate the holiday this year?  You can celebrate the women in your life with a special gift, decadent dessert, or breakfast in bed. 

Breakfast in Bed

 Eggs, pancakes, fruit and a glass of orange juice or a cup of tea/coffee sounds like the perfect breakfast to make any mom happy for the day. I made breakfast in bed for my mom a lot and would write notes on the napkin with a marker saying things like “Happy Mother’s Day, We love you, Your’re the best mom ever.” Msfitzita gives a great recipe for banana pancakes at  http://peanutsmom.blogspot.com/2008/05/your-breakfast-order.html 

Special Gifts

  1. A personalized Gift Basket  –  buy a basket,  see-through wrapping paper, and all the goodies your mom likes, such as: candles, stuffed animals, candies, books and of course chocolates
  2. Coupons  – This is a great gift especially for younger children to give.  I remember making coupon books for my mom.  I would give her coupons for: cleaning the dishes, vacuuming the house, breakfast in bed, kisses, hugs, you know, all the good stuff in life! 
  3. Cookbooks – this is such a practical gift for any mom as they are always cooking.  Buy a cookbook and a mixing spatula and tie them together with a beautiful big ribbon.  One sweet treat recipe book I highly recommend is: The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook.  Go ahead and make a batch of cupcakes out of it and give it to her with the book! 
  4. Flowers – you can never, never go wrong with flowers!  Flowers always brighten up any room and make a woman feel special.  Give a beautiful store bought bouquet or handpicked bouquet … you can get away with this depending on your age.  As kids, my siblings and I would always pick little bunches of flowers for our mom while playing outside. 

Decadent Desserts

If you’re reading this and your a mother thinking “I sure would like that gift or dessert” send the link to your kid’s facebook page/email/mobile phone!  Enjoy the weekend spending quality time with your family, or if you are far away, make sure to give them a call!  Happy Mother’s Day weekend!


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